xf86-video-intel memory leakage

Stefano Avallone stavallo at unina.it
Thu Feb 12 01:26:14 PST 2009

On Monday 09 February 2009 20:28:14 Johannes Engel wrote:
> Jesse Barnes wrote:
> > Interesting, thanks for trying to narrow it down.  I don't see anything
> > on re-review that would cause huge increases in the amount of memory
> > used, though the additional alignment we apply in that patch will
> > increase things somewhat, so might make the problem happen faster.  Are
> > you using UXA or EXA?
> You are probably right here, Jesse: Letting Xorg run with UXA on my
> GM945 turns out to show a similar problem after a couple of hours or
> similar.
> sudo lsof | grep "drm mm object" | wc -l
> shows the incredible number of 2407...

I have a different issue, but I would also call it a memory leakage. I am on 
GM965 using KDE4 with DRI2. I tried both with debian experimental packages 
(xserver, mesa 7.3, libdrm 2.4.4+git+20090205) and with self-
compiled stack from git master as of yesterday. The kernel is from airlied's 
drm-fixes branch up to commit d2f59357700487a8b944f4f7777d1e97cf5ea2ed 
("drm/i915: select framebuffer support automatically").

After a fresh boot and login into KDE4, top shows that Xorg uses 2.1% of 
memory (2 GB). Attached is what xrestop shows (xrestop_2.1_568020k, where 
568020k is the total memory usage as shown by top). Then, I launch some 
applications and, after a couple of hours, close all of them and top shows 
that Xorg now uses 18.1% of memory. Attached is also what xrestop shows now.

It looks like that closing a KDE application does not free memory used by Xorg 
(as shown by top). Also, switching between applications (especially using 
composite effects like present windows) causes an increase in the memory usage 
of Xorg. I have to say that I have another machine with a similar setup 
(except the kernel which is a 2.6.26 kernel) with an ATI card (using radeon 
driver) that does not show such behavior.

Also, when I resume from a suspend to disk, top shows that some swap memory is 
used (while before suspending the swap memory was not used), e.g., 791604k. 
The swap memory used seems to increase after subsequent suspend/resume cycles.

If matters, sudo lsof | grep "drm mm object" | wc -l reports 9944...

Any hint how to debug further and provide more information?


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