Resolution 1360x768 not selected

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at
Mon Feb 9 09:40:30 PST 2009

On Monday 2009-02-09 16:33, Bill Crawford wrote:
>On Monday 09 February 2009 11:47:44 Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I need assistance in finding out just why on earth xorg decides not to
>> use 1360x768 despite the monitor returning this in the DDC and having
>> it in the Modes/PreferredMode option.
>> Xorg.0.log:
>> xorg.conf:
>But that log appears to show the server using that mode (lines 779 onwards show 
>1360 x 768 mode being set)?
As I found out [ ]
it did not use 1360x768 because it seems that the "Modes" option
in the "Display" subsection completely ignores DDC-obtained modelines.

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