Multimedia keycodes that interrupt screensaver/blank/dpms

Leonardo dpxblue at
Sun Feb 8 15:07:37 PST 2009

Hi guys and girls :D

I've mapped my laptop multimedia keys with xmodmap.

The keycodes generated are recognized perfectly by KDE to adjust volume, and XMMS to play/pause, ff, rew.

But I've noted one inconvenience: When i'm listening music and screensaver are active 
(or screen is blank or monitor are turned off by DPMS), the screensaver/blank/dpms are interrupted when
I press these multimedia keys. I just like to adjust the volume or change the music without
disturbing the screensaver or turn on my screen.

These multimedia keys are treated as 'normal' input keyboard events and this generate that inconvenience.

Is there any way to tell X server to treat these keys as keys that 'NO interrupt screensaver/blank/dpms' ?

I've searched for this feature and not found.


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