memory leak?

DM arne_woerner at
Sun Feb 8 14:49:27 PST 2009


Today I clicked in firefox 3.0.6 (fedora 10 / gnome / yum-updated / amd64 / 2GiB main memory / no swap) on
this URL:

Download took quite long and the box' responsiveness was not as good as usual... So I clicked the close-window box in the title of the firefox window. The firefox window disappeared and the process, too. But the box had just 10% free main memory now (usually 80% r free after a fresh login); Xorg used 1.8GiB according to ps.

So I installed xrestop, which told me that about 2 pixmaps (20MiB) belong to an "unknown" process.

Normally it takes a day until the Xorg process (VSZ RSS: 431952 88772 --> 474472 123508) and other processes get too large. Then I log off and in and everything is OK again.

How can I avoid that logoff/login procedure?




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