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Marcin Cieslak saper at SYSTEM.PL
Sat Feb 7 19:45:01 PST 2009

> Out of interest (and this is a serious question), what do you use this
> list for?

As a long time lurker: - mainly to check if the issue I or other
FreeBSD users have is the "upstream" issue - what are the general
directions and what's coming - are we going to be taken over by hal
completely :-)

Looking at other online communities that try to break from the
single mailing list, the split "devel/user" mailing list seems
obvious, but does not really work in practice.  You will get support
requests on the xorg-devel list and architecture issues on xorg.

Probably it would be much easier to set a "Reply-To:" or "Followup-To:"
on the xorg-commit list to allow discussions about patches to be
carried on THE mailing list (xorg@ in this case).

To give some example:

What I really need to fix my recent problems was the patch removing
the "--enable-builtin-fonts" from the server configure options.
I wouldn't really figure that it's going to fix my problem unless
it wasn't mentioned in the _discussion_. Commit message wouldn't
help me much and I consider myself rather an advanced user (and
there are projects where I monitor commits closely). 

This actually prevented myself (and maybe many more people) for posting
yet-another-question about reasons for font breakage in the recent code.

If I ever stand up to be proficient in X enough to review patches
here, I would probably filter the "xorg-commit@" list to the same
folder as the "xorg@" list to have them threaded together (if really

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