[PATCH] Fix cast int-to-pointer and pointer-to-int

Tomas Carnecky tom at dbservice.com
Thu Feb 5 09:25:40 PST 2009

On 02/04/2009 09:04 PM, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 04, 2009 at 08:43:43PM +0100, Tomas Carnecky wrote:
>> By first casting to long and then to the final type. Of course
>> this assumes that sizeof(long) == sizeof(void *). If the Win32
>> folks care enough about warnings, we could make macros for this.
> Please use either uintptr_t (prefered) or size_t (fallback) instead of
> long. Also really make this a macro so that it can easily be searched
> for.

uintptr_t doesn't guarantee what we need either. It only guarantees 
void* -> intptr_t -> void* conversion, but we also need 'intptr_t -> 
void* -> intptr_t'. The man page (stdint.h) doesn't say that intptr_t 
has to be the same width as pointers. It could be 128bits and gcc would 
still throw a warning.

But if that's considered a non-issue, I'll change the code.


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