xorg/driver/xf86-input-evdev: [PATCH] Correct make distchek using the same solution used in other packages.

Paulo César Pereira de Andrade pcpa at mandriva.com.br
Wed Feb 4 14:31:49 PST 2009

Peter Hutterer wrote:

>> or maybe in the same line, but not really a xorg issue,
>> but a pkg-config issue?
> I'll merge such a patch if you have one for me.

  This should be corrected (if really an issue) in pkgconfig:
% rpm -qf /usr/share/aclocal/pkg.m4

> how is this patch different from Dan's patch from two days ago?

  I did not compare it with the patch posted by Dan some days
ago. I just made the patch as make distcheck is "broken" in git
master. But probably either patch should work.

> Cheers,
>   Peter


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