Patch for maintainerless i128 driver

Adam Jackson ajax at
Wed Feb 4 14:30:41 PST 2009

On Fri, 2009-01-30 at 17:18 -0500, Thomas Jaeger wrote:
> I don't know if anyone's still using this hardware.  My main motivation
> here is to make sure that drivers implement the various repeat modes in
> exa's composite operation correctly  (that is, fall back to software if
> they don't), so that cairo's performance-crippling client-side fallback
> for EXTEND_PAD can hopefully disabled someday.  It'd be nice if someone
> with git access could commit this patch.

The EXA support in i128 is wildly incomplete.  I'm happy to give advice
wherever possible (I do have the docs, though I can't distribute them)
but I don't work on it nearly as much as I'd like to.

I don't remember offhand whether i128 can handle repeat modes well
enough for Render, but it definitely has bilinear interpolation.  The
major problem though is that I never did get it drawing triangles at
all, let alone correctly.

- ajax
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