question about building mesa with the two scripts from Xorg wikis

Joe Smith stopads at
Tue Feb 3 06:18:42 PST 2009


I noticed a discrepancy in the Xorg documentation that's been causing me some confusion:

When using the script, it says:
"If you want to include Mesa/OpenGL support in the X server, you will need unpack the Mesa source code and pass the directory of the Mesa sources to the script."  
And you pass the mesa directory like this:
-m path-to-mesa-sources-for-xserver : full path to Mesa sources

Also, in the script, building the mesa sources is commented out, like this:  #build mesa mesa.

While at
The mesa sources are built before the xserver, and the sources directory is *not* passed to the xserver build directives.

So the questions are: 
1) Does mesa need to be built separately, as demonstrated in the second link?  If so, why is it commented out in
2) Should the --with-mesa-source parameter always be used, and if so, why is it not used in the second link?

Thanks for your time.


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