Performance of XRenderCompositeTrapezoids in the aliased case

Rémi Cardona remi at
Mon Feb 2 12:28:41 PST 2009

Le 02/02/2009 19:52, Clemens Eisserer a écrit :
> 2.) What do you think about a data structure where EXA drivers could
> tell EXA which features they support.
> This way EXA could e.g. choose to use A8 instead of A1 only when it
> really needed?
> This could help in various cases to decide which route to go.

I think Geode users would love to see this since the HW doesn't even do 
A8 but only ARGB32, and for them, the glyph cache was major regression 
since it uses a lot of A8 pixmaps.



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