autoreconf issue with libXfont

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at
Mon Feb 2 01:17:47 PST 2009

So this is a bit odd... I'm found an issue with libXfont that is  
making me a bit nuts.  I think it's probably related to libtool,  
autoconf, or automake... I wanted to see if anyone has seen something  

When starting the server, it immediately dies because it can't find  

Could not init font path element /opt/local/share/fonts/misc/,  
removing from list!

BUT the font cache is correct.  Rebuilding libXfont-1.3.3 from the  
distributed tarball gets us a working server.  Doing 'autoreconf -fvi'  
before rebuilding libXfont-1.3.3 triggers this bug.

??? Anyone got a clue-stick?

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