client-side font rendering very very slow in xserver 1.5.3 w/r200: massive fetches from VRAM, why?

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Sun Feb 1 05:08:39 PST 2009

Le dimanche 01 février 2009 à 12:54 +0000, Nix a écrit :
> On 31 Jan 2009, Michel Dänzer outgrape:

> > I think a big part of the motivation for client side fonts was indeed
> > anti-aliasing, so if you don't want AA and core fonts are faster for
> > you, just use core fonts?
> That's Not really practical, because they involve different APIs,
> different font matching mechanisms, and so forth: they aren't really
> interchangeable. I don't think an attempt to convince the KDE hackers to
> allow konsole to use core fonts would go very far, not least because
> core fonts are generally seen as obsolescent 

From a distribution point of view, apps which use fontconfig almost
never present problems (because fontconfig will do all kinds of smart
stuff like substituting missing fonts transparently), while apps that
use core fonts have a long continuing history of crashing at the
slightest opportunity (with users complaining at the distribution
instead of upstream).

For Fedora 11 we've trying to move all our fonts in fontconfig space,
with symlinks to other parts of the filesystem for apps that do not use

I think the Fedora 12 cycle will probably start by mass bug-filling
against apps that need those symlinks.

Nicolas Mailhot
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