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On 2009/12/31 02:34 (GMT-0800) Alex Elsayed composed:

> 钟威 wrote:

>>     what's the function of "Option "RandR" "false" which is in
>>  the xorg.conf ?

> 'RandR' is the X server's dynamic reconfiguration system. It lets you change 
> the display settings while the server is running. By disabling it, you are 
> pretty much saying "I'm not going to need to change the number of displays, 
> the resolution, or the rotation." As far as I know, there are no downsides to 
> enabling RandR (setting it to "true") as far as performance or stability are 
> concerned, so I recommend you set it to "true".

For several releases panning (different virtual desktop size) was not
possible if xrandr was enabled. AFAIK, for certain gfxchips more desirable
manual control might have been possible in certain versions too, and maybe
still. So, for some versions, people and hardware, it might still be better
set to false.
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