touchscreens in multiscreen setups

David De La Harpe Golden david.delaharpe.golden at
Wed Dec 30 22:37:41 PST 2009

2009/8/6 David De La Harpe Golden <david.delaharpe.golden at>:
> 2009/8/3 Peter Korsgaard <jacmet at>:
>> Now, with xrandr instead of Xinerama there is only one screen and the
>> above doesn't work (the coordinates gets scaled to the entire screen
>> instead of the individual outputs).
>> What is the suggested solution for this? Add randr output tracking to
>> evtouch or should evdev handle this instead?
> FWIW - I have a wacom tablet, I presently (ab)use the four wacom
> "calibration" properties to map input device' core pointer updating to
> particular screen subregions.   I keep meaning to wrap a friendly
> systray applet around it to do it on the fly.

FWIW, I've now released a small command line tool to automate this abuse
for wacom users:

allowing one to write:

wacform stylus DFP2

to map wacom input device "stylus" to (you guessed it) xrandr output DFP2
(actually the relevant crtc's panning area, but anyway).

This is just intended as a temporary stopgap measure for wacom tablet
xrandr multihead users until randr and input play nicer together, independent of
any proper general solution, linuxwacom etc. might be cooking up and
not endorsed by them  (that said, imo  there's something to be said for
the simplicity of the approach).  Take it or leave it...

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