[ANNOUNCE] xf86-input-wacom 0.10.3

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Wed Dec 23 15:13:13 PST 2009

Release 0.10.3 of the xf86-input-wacom driver is now available.
Note that this driver currently resides in my $HOME on freedesktop.org.


We've now got an implementation of the xsetwacom tool available that works
against the properties exported by the driver. It's not quite perfect yet,
so let us know about missing features. The driver is slowly getting
in sync with the last linuxwacom release, I hope we can get complete feature
parity with 0.10.4. Ping also managed to debug and fix a nasty rotation bug
just in time for this release so we're good to go for this one.

Ho. Ho. Ho.


Enrico Ros (2):
      Don't crash if model-specific functions are not defined.
      Add USB devices 0xD0, 0xD1, 0xD2, 0xD3, 0xD4, mapped to the Bamboo tablet.

Peter Hutterer (59):
      AC_TYPE of 0 is a valid type for wheel events.
      Support future udev backend.
      Add tools/xsetwacom, currently a stub.
      xsetwacom: Implement xsetwacom list.
      xsetwacom: Add find_device() helper function.
      xsetwacom: Add property hooks for xsetwacom set/get support.
      xsetwacom: Support xsetwacom set <name> Button1 for buttons and references.
      xsetwacom: allow for multi-value properties (PressCurve)
      xsetwacom: implement rel/abs mode setting.
      xsetwacom: fill in property for TPCButton, RawFilter, ClickForce.
      xsetwacom: announce not-implemented options and parameters as such.
      xsetwacom: remove SpeedLevel and Accel options.
      xsetwacom: implement 'xsetwacom get' for basic properties.
      xsetwacom: remove CoreEvent option - not a driver choice.
      xsetwacom: Remove getdefault option, not implemented anyway.
      xsetwacom: keystroke button mapping support.
      xsetwacom: add "-" and "+" notation and modifier parsing to key sending.
      xsetwacom: split func into set_func and get_func.
      xsetwacom: Add special hook for 'get PressCurve'
      xsetwacom: implement "get Button1" for simple mappings.
      xsetwacom: abstract extracting the button number.
      xsetwacom: don't try to get/set nonexistant buttons.
      xsetwacom: a few parameters aren't implemented for get either.
      xsetwacom: error out if a property offset doesn't exist.
      xsetwacom: support get/set rotate.
      xsetwacom: implement get_mode.
      xsetwacom: switch to use of named initializers.
      xsetwacom: implement verbosity.
      xsetwacom: support GNU-style for --list, --get, etc.
      xsetwacom: plug minor memory leak in set()
      xsetwacom: implement xyDefault - reset to driver-internal defaults.
      xsetwacom: enable -x and -s get flags
      xsetwacom: Be more flexible for multi-value properties.
      xsetwacom: handle string commands for TwinView setting
      Don't set calloc'd fields to zero.
      Silence valgrind warning about unitialized bytes.
      xsetwacom: handle "on"/"off" for boolean properties.
      xsetwacom: don't crash on xsetwacom get <device name> without a param.
      Remove stray semicolon after if condition
      Fix typo: xf86WcmVirtualTabletSize → xf86WcmVirtualTabletSize
      xsetwacom: button numbers are one-indexed, store button action accordingly.
      Fix up btnaction property setting.
      Release keys still down when a button is released.
      xsetwacom: fix handling of unknown modifiers.
      xsetwacom: don't release modifiers unless explicitly stated
      xsetwacom: don't line-break after 32 bit values and Absolute/Relative.
      xsetwacom: init nwords to 0 before adding to it in strjoinsplit.
      xsetwacom: split get() into get() and get_param().
      xsetwacom: add support for "xsetwacom --get <device> all"
      Fix touch property out-of-bounds memory access.
      Use xf86Msg instead of ErrorF for debug messages.
      Merge the xf86Msg into the DBG macro.
      Merge the function name into the DBG macro.
      common and priv both have debugLevel, just pass them in as-is.
      Auto-prepend device name/file to debug messages.
      Remove now superfluous name prints.
      Add "Wacom Debug Levels" property.
      xsetwacom: make parameters case-insensitive.
      wacom 0.10.3

Ping Cheng (21):
      Move xf86WcmWait from wcmCompat.c to wcmISDV4.c
      Move xf86WcmReady from wcmCompat.c to xf86Wacom.c
      Spin-off usbChooseChannel from usbParseEvent
      Remove unused comments
      Add new USB devices
      Move Touch and TPCButton options check
      retrieve usb device and tool type from the kernel
      Gesture for 2FGT devices
      2FGT data parsing was misplaced
      Update TPCButton check
      Report time stamp for 2FGT gesture
      Enable Serial ISDV4 2FGT tool type in wcmDeviceTypeKeys
      Set Touch and Gesture options during the configuration
      Support 2FGT gesture
      Send horizontal scroll gesture with button 6 and 7 events
      Remove area overlap check for area property
      xsetwacom: update usage help for Rotate option
      Add routine wcmRotateCoordinates
      Add local maxX, maxY, resolX, and resolY
      Validate the active tablet area before initializing the area
      Fix a tablet rotation bug.

Przemo Firszt (5):
      Move xf86WcmPointInArea, xf86WcmAreasOverlap & xf86WcmAreaListOverlap
      Rename xf86Wcm* generic area check functions to Wcm*
      Quiet gcc warning about not used xf86WcmKbdLedCallback function
      Remove redundant xf86WcmMappingFactor calls
      Rename xf86Wcm* to wcm*

git tag: xf86-input-wacom-0.10.3

MD5:  0404e5ada4364135d2935164940cd1e4  xf86-input-wacom-0.10.3.tar.bz2
SHA1: 507be623a97853de84474a36e407ebf62ae28893  xf86-input-wacom-0.10.3.tar.bz2

MD5:  f1cd2614770e3d479d20a64f179333a0  xf86-input-wacom-0.10.3.tar.gz
SHA1: ac25c16ab0c29b6d4af68929a2154981a32cb56d  xf86-input-wacom-0.10.3.tar.gz

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