Is xorg-server-1.7.3 necessary to modify to suit FreeBSD?

Sagara Wijetunga sagara at
Tue Dec 22 19:56:10 PST 2009

Hi all

Please let me describe first the background, I'm upgrading the Xorg 7.4 
to Xorg 7.5 on Tomahawk Desktop ( 
Tomahawk Desktop is a new operating system based on FreeBSD 7.2 sources 
but does not use the FreeBSD standard distribution. We, in general, use 
the FreeBSD kernel and userland utilities separately and individually 
compile and install.

We don't have a port system and how we install packages are just by 
compiling original packages as described in:

In Tomahawk Desktop 2.0 Beta1 we got an issue, that when try to run the 
KDE, the X server crashes.

To resolve this issue, as a first step, I'm upgrading the existing Xorg 
7.4 to Xorg 7.5.

In your website (, it says "/X11R7.5 
is an Open Source version of the X Window System that supports Linux, 
BSD, Solaris, Cygwin and MacOS X on Intel and other platforms./".

FreeBSD uses the xorg-server-1.6.1 and which is patched as seen in:

Appreciate if the foundation could confirm that Xorg 7.5 could be 
used on FreeBSD 7.2 without being patched.

Kind regards
Sagara Wijetunga
Tomahawk Computers

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