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Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sat Dec 19 20:03:41 PST 2009

Here's the second snapshot towards 1.8. Sorry for the long lag since the
first snapshot; I was waiting to get the 'fb' issue resolved.

Note that this release includes new ABI versions for version 1.8,
affecting the input, video and extension interfaces as
CreateNewResourceType has gotten an additional argument, while
RegisterResourceName should no longer be needed outside of DIX.

Thanks to all involved for their work and also for helping with the new
release process.


Adam Jackson (9):
      dix: Fix up colormap fixup.
      modes: Decorate interlaced mode names with a trailing 'i'
      EDID: Fix interlaced detailed timings to be frame size, not field size
      modes: De-duplicate a clock range check.
      modes: Fix duplicate detection, and do it more consistently
      EDID: Extend the HDTV hack to handle "1368x769"
      randr: Turn on ModeDebug during server setup
      randr: Fill in errorValue when verifying outputs/crtcs/modes
      glx: swrast can do GLX 1.4 too

Alan Coopersmith (14):
      Use $(MAKE) instead of "make" to build Solaris inline assembly
      Enable XF86PM on all Solaris platforms, not just x86/x64
      Fix builds with --with-int10=stub
      Fix dtrace object builds of libos to link with SHA1_LIBS
      COPYING: Update license preamble
      Update Sun license notices to current X.Org standard form
      Add freetype & type1 to the LoadModules ignore list
      Convert checks for PC98 support from platform #ifdefs to configure flag
      Add platform compatibility defines for Sun Studio compilers
      Change sysconfdir brackets to avoid some shells trying to run it as a command
      Change default xkb model from pc104 to pc105
      Check for failures from CreateNewResourceType
      Ensure all resource types created have names registered
      Add type name argument to CreateNewResourceType

Chase Douglas (1):
      Move FD_CLR above pInfo->read_input

Colin Harrison (6):
      Xming: Replace all the uses of deprecated functions in hw/xwin with current ones
      Xming: Add mouse motion events with flag POINTER_SCREEN in winEnqueueMotion()
      Xming: Add FORCEEXIT option to configuration file
      Xming: Fix UT8String and CompoundText clipboard text sharing with windows clipboard
      Xming: Tidy up code for initial native window positioning
      Xming: Make -auth option work in with -multiwindow

Dave Airlie (1):
      loader: actually stat something that has some chance of existing. (v2)

Gaetan Nadon (5):
      .gitignore: use common defaults with custom section #24239
      Makefile.am: ChangeLog not required: EXTRA_DIST or *CLEANFILES #24432
      Deploy the new XORG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS #24242
      INSTALL, NEWS, README or AUTHORS files are missing/incorrect #24206
      configure.ac: error while checking for XDMXCONFIG_DEP

Hans Nieser (1):
      Xinput: allow non-integer values again for Constant- and AdaptiveDeceleration

Ingmar Vanhassel (2):
      Update COMPILEDDEFAULTFONTPATH to match the new default font path
      Update man-pages for new default font paths

Jamey Sharp (5):
      Alloc/free drawables array for each ProcPanoramiXShmGetImage call.
      Add video driver flag to indicate that console access is not needed.
      Suppress GCC warnings like "the address of `u1' will always evaluate as `true'".
      Don't cast double to int: use default conversions or explicitly round.
      Suppress certain GCC warnings in auto-generated code.

Jeremy Huddleston (17):
      XQuartz: Run xmodmap after programatically updating the keymap.
      dix: Properly detect if the other device is frozen
      XQuartz: Controller thread launches clients
      XQuartz: Don't weed out duplicates in generated keymap
      XQuartz: Use dixLookupResourceByType instead of LookupIDByType
      XQuartz: Cleanup X11Controller.m compilation warnings.
      SHA1: Add support for Common Crypto
      configure.ac: Notify user about which SHA1 implementation is being used
      XQuartz: Buildfix for Leopard and older
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Wait for the server to finish starting up, so display is valid.
      XQuartz: Explicitly pass a bellProc to make XBell() work again.
      XQuartz: Allow better compatability with older versions of xinit
      XQuartz: Drop calls to alloca
      Miscellaneous compilation warning fixes
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Fix building of standalone xpbproxy executable
      dtrace: Add Xserver-dtrace.h to CLEANFILES
      Xfake: Nuke -Wl,-undefined=InitExtensions from LDFLAGS

Jon TURNEY (10):
      Resolve an inconsistency between libX11 and Xserver over GetModifierMapping
      dmx: Correctly compute DMXGetScreenAttributes reply length
      Cygwin/X: Remove a couple of extraneous '\n' in logged version info
      Cygwin/X: Fix typo in g_fAnotherWMRunning and tidy up WM detection code
      Cygwin/X: Add a workaround for a SWT/Motif bug to internal window manager
      Cygwin/X: Clearly diagnose a timeout while waiting for SelectionNotify event
      Avoid a null dereference if IFF_BROADCAST is set but there is no broadcast address
      Cygwin/X: Always use an authorization cookie for internal clients
      Cygwin/X: Setup screen layout in Xinerama mode
      Cygwin/X: Ensure WM_STATE atom exists in multiwindow mode

Julien Cristau (5):
      Move SHA1 computation from render/glyph.c to os/
      configure: add --with-sha1={libmd,libcrypto} option
      Add libgcrypt as an option for SHA1
      xfree86: set a sane umask before opening the log
      Move config_init() after CreateWellKnownSockets() and InitCoreDevices()

Keith Packard (9):
      Bump to (unreleased)
      DRI2: Report the correct extension minor version
      Revert "fb: Don't crash if copy_drawable() returns NULL."
      Revert "Reserve space for two GC values in copy_drawable()."
      Revert "Use IncludeInferiors when copying windows before compositing."
      Revert "Fix clipping when windows are used as sources"
      Split fbGetDrawable into fbGetDrawablePixmap and fbGetPixmapBitsData
      fb: Adjust transform or composite coordinates for pixman operations
      Set release date for

Luc Verhaegen (1):
      Xv: Fix AdjustFrame when driver implements ReputImage.

Ma Ling (1):
      EDID: CEA extension support

Maarten Maathuis (10):
      exa: remove some outdated comment
      exa/mixed: avoid copying back pixmap data when no migration took place
      exa/mixed: be more thorough about setting fb_pitch when needed
      Revert "exa/mixed: be more thorough about setting fb_pitch when needed"
      exa: handle pixmap create/destroy in lower layers
      exa: s/PixmapIsOffscreen/PixmapHasGpuCopy and s/pExaPixmap->offscreen/pExaPixmap->use_gpu_copy
      exa: a few small pitch related changes
      Revert "exa: a few small pitch related changes"
      exa/mixed: setting devKind before exaCopyDirty* is not needed
      exa/mixed: pixmaps that succeed prepare access have no need for a cpu copy

Marcin Baczyński (1):
      Kill compilation warnings.

Matt Turner (3):
      Make sys.c use unaligned access functions provided in compiler.
      Remove lnx_font.c and lnx.h
      Use glibc's in/out routines

Matthieu Herrb (1):
      add libc as a choice for SHA1 implementation

Michel Dänzer (8):
      EXA: Don't use UploadToScreen for CopyNtoN with mixed pixmaps.
      Revert "EXA: Accumulate arbitrary number of glyphs without flushing."
      EXA: Don't defragment offscreen memory at allocation time.
      fb: Don't crash if copy_drawable() returns NULL.
      EXA: Use correct coordinate system for calculating Composite fallback region.
      EXA: ExaDoPrepareAccess return value fixes.
      EXA: ModifyPixmapHeader_mixed fixes.
      EXA/mixed: Don't consider devKind for detecting dimension change.

Mikhail Gusarov (4):
      Add missing DLOPEN_LIBS to kdrive compilation flags
      os: Add libsha1 as a choice of SHA1 implementation
      kdrive: Grab evdev mouse/keyboard devices when X server is active
      Supply all code using dl*() with DLOPEN_LIBS

Paul Loewenstein (1):
      Cygwin/X: Handle fake keypresses generated by speech recognizers

Paulo Ricardo Zanoni (1):
      configure: change 'sigio-default' to 'use-sigio-by-default'

Peter Hutterer (16):
      dix: increase default number of buttons to 10.
      Move xdmxconfig modules into DMX conditionals (#25102)
      Xi: don't crash when deleting invalid device properties.
      Revert "Move xdmxconfig modules into DMX conditionals (#25102)"
      Move xdmxconfig modules into DMX conditionals (#25102)
      Xi: when deleting all properties, reset property handler to NULL.
      dix: clean up accel old scheme data when switching schemes.
      dix: fix memory leak, free event list on shutdown. (#25028)
      dix: remove some obsolete comment.
      dix: remove core devices when shutting down. (#25028)
      Set the source and deviceid for key repeat events (#24785)
      xfree86: tell users to disable AutoAddDevices, not AllowEmptyInput.
      xfree86: remove unused variable in configureDDMonitorSection.
      Xi: reset device properties to NULL after deleting them. (#25374)
      xkb: don't assign garbage value to led_return.
      xfree86: belately init RandR12 if xinerama fails. (#24627)

Rami Ylimaki (2):
      dix: Fixes a memory leak when a cursor resource is released.
      Xext: Fix a memory leak on GE client disconnect.

Tiago Vignatti (5):
      EXA: Preserve pPixmap->devPrivate.ptr in exaPixmapIsOffscreen_driver
      configure: remove unused kdrive Xvesa config variable
      xfree86: spam output but with verbose level checked instead
      os: print log markers only if log level is >= 0
      xfree86: fix -quiet option behaviour

Tomas Carnecky (2):
      XkbWriteCountedString(): return early if str is NULL
      Fix possible NULL dereference in XkbFlushLedEvents()

Tormod Volden (1):
      xfree86: Fix description of DDC_QUIRK_DETAILED_USE_MAXIMUM_SIZE

Ville Syrjälä (1):
      xf86xv: Fix off-by-one in viewport clipping

Yaakov Selkowitz (4):
      Set default font path with fontutil 1.1 and fontpath.d
      Cygwin/X: Mount options have changed in cygwin-1.7
      Cygwin/X: Allow composite to be enabled for Xwin
      Cygwin/X: Enable clipboard integration by default

Zhao Yakui (1):
      xfree86: Edid quirk for Philips LCD LP154W01

git tag: xorg-server-

MD5:  cafc4e2d4ef6cf6e47f3e7dffeb3346a  xorg-server-
SHA1: fb0725abd9ad1741722a93b085f93f877bc3da58  xorg-server-

MD5:  5663ff413945120d66cfc460f8a65125  xorg-server-
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