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Susmith M R (RBEI/ECF1) Susmith.MR at
Sat Dec 19 02:23:59 PST 2009

Hai all,
  Anybody tried using the same surface for rendering opengl and cairo. In the new release of cairo(cairo-1.9.4.tar.gz) I saw the implemetation of cairo_gl_surface_create.
Is it possible to render opengl and cairo together to this surface.
My problem is,
 I have one application which is using cairo for rendering. I have five different layers ,one main surface and all others are image surfaces. I am doing merging operation at certain point of time. This is working fine. Now I want to give one surface to an opengl application and let it render on to that. After this I need to merge these things.
Is it possible in cairo.
I know this is bad in a way that I am trying to bring 3d to 2d world. But anybody have some idea about this?
Best Regards,

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