Touchscreen troubles

Petr Štetiar ynezz at
Sun Dec 13 04:51:28 PST 2009

Tias <tias at> [2009-12-12 23:36:07]:

> Hi Petr,

Hi Tias,

> If you think it is related to calibration, you can try 
> xinput_calibrator. Its a generic touchscreen calibration utility (still 
> depends on GTK-mm for now, will be fixed in the next version):

Thanks, I've modified it little bit to get it working, pls see attached

custom-device.patch: Allows you to specify which device use want calibrate,
it's necessary if you've more devices. In current state it tries to configure
last device found and in my case it wasn't touchscreen device.

new-values-evdev.patch: In current state it prints out xorg.conf settings for
evtouch driver, so I modified it and now it prints correct values for evdev
driver also, plus commandline values for xinput set-int-prop.

> It calibrates the Xorg driver (and the values that the X server 
> receives). You report calibrating from the values of the kernel, maybe 
> using a user-space tool will solve your problem ?

I tried values from xinput_calibrator after calibration, but the situation is
same as it was before, I still can't access bottom-right part of screen and
it's even worse with this values, because now the touches in top-left area are
bit off few points, pointer movement doesn't match touches.

What do you mean by user-space tool?

> If you want to find out what the X server thinks of your touchscreen 
> actions, install xinput and run:
>  > xinput test "TS name"
> you can also check the output of
>  > xinput query-state "TS name"
> to find out the exact coordinates of your touches.
> (this will probably be similar to the 'xidump' you mentioned though)

Yes, I tried that also before, but it's same, seems like correct values which
match kernel values. I'll try to dig into Xserver code to find out what's
going on.  My 22" touchscreen is 16:10, shouldn't that be a problem?

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

-- ynezz
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