May I rework XKB ?

Dirk Wallenstein halsmit at
Fri Dec 11 06:25:13 PST 2009

My plans for Duttulm and XKB.

I intent to make the next announcement for Duttulm-0.8 unless you are
interested in the intermediate versions.

There is now a git repository.;a=summary

I will make more use of other sourceforge features (e.g. news for major and
minor versions), and I can enable more features if requested (e.g. mailing

Duttulm Release Plan
0.2     Completion of the data model for XKB data in Duttulm.
0.[3-8] Completion of each of approximately half a dozen 
        Tweakers (key-type, level-entry-assignment, browser, ...)

<<<I will switch programming to the XKB specific parts of the Xserver.>>>

0.9     XKB-Description setting request emittance implementation to actually
        change keymaps and use Duttulm as a testing device.
1.0     It works.
1.*     Add specialized Tweakers. For example Tweakers that facilitate 
        configuration of remote controls.

Duttulm-0.1.2 Release Notes
Among bug fixes and source code embellishments this release unlocks the QSP
support (sorry for advertising something that is locked, in the previous
release notes). Tests are added for two supported pointer types 
and QPointer), in which the parenthood outside of the XML mechanism is
verified. There is a demonstration on how to use flags as properties (to get
XML attributes like colors="red|blue|magenta"), and it is shown how multiple
XML-adaption can occur in a single object hierarchy.


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