[Patch] Documenting pointer acceleration

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Thu Dec 10 15:09:12 PST 2009

Simon Thum wrote:
> In general, is it reasonable to point to the wiki from a man page? That
> one's separate if the answer is no.

For information of interest to end users, I would discourage it.
Many end users are running in situations where they're off the
internet or are running the software years after the wiki is
updated to cover new releases, migrated to different URL's, etc.

> +Change the pointer acceleration parameters of \fIdevice\fP. The xset man page
> +has more detials. For X.org 1.7


> +and above, there are additional device properties pertaining pointer
> +acceleration (\fIDevice Accel ...\fP).

I think it would read better if you insert a "to" between "pertaining"
and "pointer".

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