keyborad issue

Vitaliy vetala at
Tue Dec 8 02:46:19 PST 2009

Thanks guys for the answers!

> There was a recomendation on this list to not use 1.7.2 and use 1.7.3
> instead.
>     Russ
This issue still presents in 1.7.3 unfortunately.

>Vitali - if it didn't occur in 1.7.1 but it does in 1.7.2/3, please
> to find the patch that caused the regression. there's only a relatively
> small number of changes, so it should be easy enough to find.
> Cheers,
>   Peter

I am a new at this codding staff etc:D Would be hard for me to determine
what caused it.

I will post your answer on the archlinux forum and its bug report,
probably someone knows what to do.

If you have some more ideas please let me know!


With Regards,

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