ANN: xterm patch #252

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Mon Dec 7 17:10:52 PST 2009

                            Patch #252 - 2009/12/7

     * modify title-querying logic to support retrieval of titles encoded
       using UTF-8.
     * add  new  "title-modes"  control  sequence for controlling whether
       window/icon  titles  can be set or queried using UTF-8, optionally
       encoded in a hexadecimal string.
     * use mkdir -p rather than (prompted by discussion of mawk
       by Aleksey Cheusov).
     * add  appropriate  copyright/license  notices  to the bulk of files
       lacking  same,  and  modify to use identical terms in others which
       used   different  wording.  The  main  exceptions  are  the  files
       contributed  by  Markus  Kuhn, who appears to prefer public domain
       distribution,  noting  that  I  have  modified/improved several of
       these  without changing the terms of distribution (request by Jari
     * add  control sequences for resetting the "dynamic" colors to their
       default values.
     * add  control sequences for resetting the "special" colors to their
       default values.
     * add  control  sequences  for  setting the "special" colors such as
       colorBD (bold).
     * add  overlooked  case  for setting highlight foreground color with
       the dynamic-colors control.
     * add OSC 104, for resetting ANSI/16/88/256 colors to default.
     * reset   ANSI/16/88/256   colors  to  default  in  soft/hard  reset
     * strip  "xft:" prefix from faceName and faceNameDoublesize resource
     * add DECSCUSR (discussion with Andy Koppe).
     * add  check/warning  on  failure  to  load font, to see if the name
       looks  like  an  Xft  pattern rather than XLFD. This can happen if
       someone  happens  to modify their X resource settings for programs
       that read data from xterm's namespace.
     * modify handling of print and print-everything actions to allow the
       various printer flags to be overridden by supplying parameters.
     * add resource printerNewLine (request by Ovidiu Gheorghioiu).
     * minor  cleanup,  finish using TScreenOf() and TekScreenOf() macros
       introduced in [256]patch #224.
     * improve  checks  in  ShowCursor/HideCursor  to  get the background
       color,   particularly   when  highlightReverse  resource  is  used
       (reports by Jan Engelhardt, Christian Weisgerber).
     * correct  checkVeryBoldAttr  to omit comparison of foreground color
       to  special  color  values used for color resources (report by Jan
     * make  colorBDMode  and  colorULMode  resources  work with TrueType
       configuration (report by Jan Engelhardt).

Thomas E. Dickey
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