May I rework XKB ?

Bernd Steinhauser linux at
Mon Dec 7 11:27:59 PST 2009


Dirk Wallenstein wrote:
> I would like to give some examples of what a fully functional and configurable
> XKB extension could offer.
> 1.Obviate the need to leave the home row for functionality that is provided by
>   keys right of the main keyboard
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> By taking a common pc-105 keyboard and holding down the AltGr/ISO-Level3-Shift
> modifier , all the alphabetic keys can be equipped with functionality like
> cursor-cross, insert, delete, home, etc. With the help of XKB's
> Redirect-Key-Action it would even be possible to have word-wise cursor movement
> in all text edit fields. All without leaving the home row.
Just in case you don't know about it yet, you might want to have a look 
at Neo:

It implements some of the things you mentioned.


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