Does touchpads have buttons?

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at
Tue Sep 30 23:06:07 PDT 2008

On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 04:56:57PM +0200, Søren Hauberg wrote:
> Okay, here's my latest attempt at a patch. I've renamed "flip_[x|y]"
> to "invert_[x|y]" and moved them into "EvdevRec", I've removed
> "swap_xy", and I've moved the reading of parameters to PreInit.
> I hope that's what you wanted. If not let me know. I'm hoping to have
> access to the touch screen for an hour or two on friday, so I can do a
> bit more testing/development at that time.

Ok, I took your patches, split them up and fiddled with them a bit.

  - self-explanatory, works well btw, at least for relative devices.

  - take config options MinX/MaxX/etc. if given. They override the
    auto-detected values from xorg.conf

  - this is the core of your patch, the touchscreen support for BTN_TOUCH.

I got a patch for property support for axis inversion on top of those done as
If we get property support for min/max x and update the ValuatorClassRec
accordingly (I need to find a method to do that without upsetting the server
and all client) then we can do the calibration on-the-fly.
Alternatively, if we find we can't touch the VCR, xf86ScaleAxis should do the
job (that's instead of your TRANFORM macro).

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