[PATCH] Make -nocursor a runtime option to and remove the compile time NULL_ROOT_CURSOR

Olivier Guerrier olivier at guerrier.com
Sun Sep 28 11:46:17 PDT 2008

Barry Scott wrote:
> We would love to have a -nocursor that got ride of the cursor from the 
> screen added to Xorg.
> We have a patch to do this that we use.

Maybe a little off-topic here, but I back this proposal of totally
disabling cursor at X level. We also use Barry's patch:

We build a kiosk like interface upon distribution precompiled packages,
and we don't want to disable cursor in all applications we use (or will use)

This patch also allow us to have a debug mode with the very _same_ xorg

Don't know fo sure if this patch do it the right way, but it is simple,
and do what we need. I hope it could go upstream sooner or later.


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