synaptics touchpad vertical motion faster than horizontal

Tero Saarni tero.saarni at
Sun Sep 28 07:53:26 PDT 2008


I have a laptop with Synaptics touchpad that feels "out of control"
even after playing with the parameters for a couple of nights.  I
think the reason is that vertical motion is faster than horizontal

"synclient -m" shows that x coordinates vary between 1060 - 5900 and y
coordinates between 400 - 5000 so x/y ratio of coordinates is ~1.  The
physical dimensions of touchpad are 65mm * 31mm so width/height ratio
is ~2.  In another laptop with "good" touchpad I get x/y ratio of 1.3
and width/height ratio almost the same: 1.4.

Should the ratio of coordinates returned by the touchpad match the
width/height ratio in order to have constant speed?

Any suggestions what could be wrong and how to fix this?

I'm running X.Org X Server, Synaptics touchpad driver version
0.14.6 on Ubuntu Hardy.  The laptop is HP 2510p.


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