pixman with and without SSE2 benchmarks?

Roland Scheidegger sroland at tungstengraphics.com
Sat Sep 27 19:46:39 PDT 2008

On 27.09.2008 18:38, Juliusz Chroboczek wrote:
>> There is a summary of the performance difference compared to the MMX
>> code:
>>     http://www.daimi.au.dk/~sandmann/perf-diff
> (Twice as fast on many benchmarks.)
> Note that this is on core 2, which has magnificent SSE performance.
> I haven't tried it, but I'm willing to bet that on Pentium-M and
> Pentium 4, the results are similar for SSE and MMX.

I'd bet against that :-). Core 2 has magnificent SSE performance indeed,
but that's true for MMX just as well.


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