Problem with Pixmap Depth for Render extension

Dave topblue at
Sat Sep 27 01:39:33 PDT 2008

Problem: Pixmap Depth from XGetGeometry doesn't agree with


If I create a Pixmap (XCreatePixmap) with a depth of 24 bits, the request to
get the Geometry (XGetGeometry) of the created pixmap  returns it as 32. Ok,
I can accept that. But if I then use the Pixmap in a call to
XRenderCreatePicture with a 32-bit ARGB Picture format, the call fails.  It
seems that XRenderCreatePicture 'knows' that the Pixmap is really 24 bits,
as requested in the Pixmap creation, rather than 32 bits, as returned in the
XGetGeometry call.


I am simply trying to call XRenderCreatePicture with the correct
PictureFormat type for a Pixmap whose depth I do not know. Using
XGetGeometry to query that depth seemed like the obvious think to do.


Any ideas what is going on here?




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