Poll: Should Xorg change from using Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to something harder for users to press by accident?

Martin Olsson mnemo at minimum.se
Sat Sep 27 01:02:30 PDT 2008

Jason Spiro wrote:
> What do you think?  Should Xorg change this key sequence?  Please vote
> "yes" or "no".  You can add comments too.  If you reply only to me by
> private mail, I will eventually summarize your reply to the list.

Since I do testing on new drivers it would be inconvenient for me.
I still absolutely think that xorg should change or disable this
key binding by default.

When I started using Linux I wanted to try out compiz which uses
CTRL-ALT-MOUSE1 to spin the cube with the mouse. I tried all kinds
of key combinations to figure out how to rotate the cube with the
keyboard. At this point I accidently found ALT-CTRL-BACKSPACE and
I did loose data. For me personally, that wasn't so bad because I
did not loose any important data and to be honest I've come to like
this restart feature a lot. Many other users would not appreciate it
though (I think). Ubuntu already had a discussion on this actually
and I think they agreed that doing a confirmation UI in GTK would
have reverse dependencies (bad) and doing a non-GTK UI would be ugly,
so I think they settled on trying to make a delay required by default
(i.e. so that they user had to hold CRTL-ALT-BACKSPACE for a few
seconds before the machine zaps X).

I think making the keybinding configurable would make sense but
I also think it should be turned off or have a delay by default.


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