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James Cloos cloos at
Wed Sep 24 09:54:43 PDT 2008

>>>>> "John" == John Tapsell <johnflux at> writes:

>> (Martin Hinner's libmd (at uses
>> public domain sha1 code in C by Peter Gutman and Colin Plumb.

John> libmd also does not cross compile.
John> I will send a bug report upstream.

Martin's page says that his libmd is "compatible with" FreeBSD's.

Looking under:

shows that theirs is (or is based on) Eric Young's (ie, from SSLeay or

OpenSolaris' libmd can be browsed at:

It looks like Sun licensed it from RSA.

NetBSD doesn't have a libmd; their version of OpenSSL is at:

OpenBSD also seems to use OpenSSL.  Browse at:

It is possible either of them have made it possible to cross-compile

You can also specify SHA1_LIB and SHA1_CFLAGS to use any library with
compatable SHA1_Init(3), SHA1_Update(3) and SHA1_Final(3) functions,
rather than letting configure choose for you.
(That is documented in

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