[PATCH 0/3] X Input 1.5 device properties (final patches)

Simon Thum simon.thum at gmx.de
Tue Sep 23 22:48:57 PDT 2008

Peter Hutterer wrote:
> Right, I can see your point. How about the patch below (untested)? It's on top
> of the other patches and adds a DeleteProperty handler, and a deletable flag.
Looks good.

> If deletable is FALSE, the prop can only be deleted by the server/a driver,
> and even then only if all handlers agree.
That's a bit stricter than what I was looking for. If I want to delete a 
prop in-server, I'd like be able to avoid asking handlers (as I was 
before). Otherwise, I'm still forced to implement a delete handler for 
the sole purpose of giving up the veto at some time. Essentially I need 
a parallel channel to delete my own props. Boils down to dumping

> -    if (fromClient && device->properties.handlers)
> +    if (device->properties.handlers)

that part. And maybe rename fromClient to checkHandlers or deletable to 
clientDeletable, whatever. IOW: If deletable is FALSE and fromClient is 
TRUE, handlers have to agree.

Admittedly weaker, but maybe the more practical semantics.



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