[PATCH 0/3] X Input 1.5 device properties (final patches)

Simon Thum simon.thum at gmx.de
Tue Sep 23 12:02:34 PDT 2008

Hi Peter,

one more thing: A Handler already consists of getter and setter, so 
there's an incentive to abstracting 'hey thats my property' on the 
handler side anyway. So why load deletion onto the setter as a special 
case of modification? I think it would be cleaner to have an own 
'sub-handler' for deletion.

Or, since 99% of in-server code will just protect its props (at least, 
no other use case comes to my mind), we could make it a property flag 
again. I understand you want to get rid of it, but I think this one 
could save some code on the handlers side. Mostly code which isn't 
exactly DRY.

I don't advocate exporting the flag to everywhere, just keep it 
internally as a cheap[0] way to protect your properties from 
hostile/faulty clients.



[0] Measured in LoC

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