Keymap issues with Pointer+Keys device

Sascha Hlusiak saschahlusiak at
Tue Sep 23 11:36:13 PDT 2008

Am Monday 22 September 2008 09:26:52 schrieb Peter Hutterer:
> On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 11:58:56AM +0200, Sascha Hlusiak wrote:
> > BTW: With MPX, having two key devices attached to the first master device
> > works fine, regarding the keymap. When creating a second master and
> > attaching a keyboard to that, key presses seem to use the keymap of the
> > first master device, so of the other keyboard.
> Note that if you're using core clients, this is "intended" behaviour.
> Remember that the ClientPointer (CP) always assigns a "primary" master
> device to a core client.
> So the call order is something like:
> Client requests keymap, server replies with CP's keymap.
> If you then hit a key on kbd 2, the server notifies the client that the
> keymap has changed.
> Client requests keymap, server replies with CP's keymap.
> oops.
> solution: fix the client :)
So, is xev 'broken' then?
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