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James Cloos cloos at
Tue Sep 23 09:47:14 PDT 2008

>>>>> "jg" == jg at laptop org <jim.gettys at> writes:

jg> There is nothing particularly sacred about either the cursor or the stipple pattern.

Agreed.  But it is more comforting to see some pattern than just black
or white when starting the server, it looks better in nested servers
(which are often started from the command line), an X cursor fits in
well with the name X (and looks fine), and I see that window managers
do not tend to make the call now required to activate the cursor when
not using -retro.  (I have no cursor until I start up an app.)

It just looks nice, comforting and inviting.

(And it doesn't hurt that the window manager looks different; I can
 see not only when the server starts, but also when the wm starts.)

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