DRI extension of xserver

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After getting short reply from one of the developer & after going
through the following link
http://dri.sourceforge.net/doc/drm_low_level.html , i understood that
the XF86 calls are only being made to ensure security. But is it the
only reason OR , there are other reasons too which i am not able to

Because from whatever code analysis i have done till now, i think if i
exclude the security policy, then i can still call drmCreateContext from
the DRI driver side.I need the fd for the drm device to call
drmCreateContext() and i already have that fd when i opened the drm
device using the Bus id which i got after XF86DRIOpenConnection (refer
to mesa/src/glx/x11/glxext.c : function =>CallCreateNewScreen). Is this
analysis correct?

Can any one please throw some light here?


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Subject: DRI extension of xserver
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I was investigating the DRI extension API of the xserver & i was
particularly looking into the XF86DRICreateContext API.

As i see when client sends this request to xserver, in response to this
Xserver creates a drm context & pass it to the client.Client then sends
this drm context to the 3D driver which uses this drm context to talk to
the graphics h/w via drm kernel module.

Now, my question is why do i need to create the drm context through
xserver.As my 3D driver also links to libdrm, why can't i create the drm
context from the 3D driver itself?


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