Poll: Should Xorg change from using Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to something harder for users to press by accident?

Russell Whitaker russ at ashlandhome.net
Mon Sep 22 22:04:53 PDT 2008

On Tue, 23 Sep 2008, Jason Spiro wrote:

Problem:  Many[1] users have killed X by accident.[2]

Solution idea: Make it harder to kill X by accident.  E.g. you could
change the key sequence users must press.
    * Maybe require Control+Alt+Backspace then Control-Alt-Y.[3]
    * Or require Control+K+X pressed simultaneously.

What do you think?  Should Xorg change this key sequence?  Please vote
"yes" or "no".  You can add comments too.  If you reply only to me by
private mail, I will eventually summarize your reply to the list.


No. It's a solution looking for a problem.

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