Poll: Should Xorg change from using Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to something harder for users to press by accident?

Jason Spiro jasonspiro4 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 20:09:35 PDT 2008

Igor Mozolevsky <igor <at> hybrid-lab.co.uk> writes:

> CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE is just the way to do it

OK.  That's one "no" vote, duly noted.  Thank you for your vote.

I will now respond to the rest of your comments.

> just because users
> incompetently press the combination, doesn't mean it's a bad one.

I respectfully disagree.  Accidental zaps often cause data loss.  Data loss is
always unacceptable and Xorg should do whatever it takes to prevent it.

> Besides, pressing that combo requires some effort, I really can't see
> how one could do it "accidentally"!

Please see http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10510 then
scroll down to the "== Example evidence ==" section.  Or see

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