handling BTN_TOUCH in evdev driver

Søren Hauberg hauberg at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 23:56:00 PDT 2008

  I've making some changes tu the usbtouchscreen module to handle
calibration stuff (see another thread on this list). This module
currently emits BTN_TOUCH whenever the user touches the screen (I
haven't changed this). When I'm using the evdev X driver to handle the
touch screen I can move the cursor just fine, but I can't click any
buttons in GUI's such as KDE or GNOME. If I instead use the evtouch
X11 driver this works fine. So, it seems the evtouch and the evdev
drivers handle BTN_TOUCH differently. Is there a reason why the evdev
driver handles BTN_TOUCH as it does, or is it simply because nobody
has tested it with a touchscreen? If the current behavior is on
purpose, then I don't think my approach with changing the kernel
driver and relying on evdev in X will work.



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