events in evdev.c

Sascha Hlusiak saschahlusiak at
Sun Sep 21 01:51:18 PDT 2008

> > Your argument would make sense if X didn't go to painful lengths to
> > maintain an abstract input driver API/ABI that allowed for arbitrary
> > drivers.
> confused.  I was saying that the evdev wasn't as good an example of how to
> write a driver than the joystick was.  
The joystick driver itself maintains an abstract input layer which IMO belongs 
into the server, not the driver. What's left then is nothing more than the 
evdev driver. I really don't see where the joystick driver is superior in 
driver design other that it provides backends for 3 interfaces.

> I was, in my mind, really 
> concentrating on the keysym business, which is not compilable outside of
> Linux.  
keysyms are totally X11 and application side and very much cross-platform. 

> Where did you see the opposite?  Maybe, the fact that we're talking about
> Linux events versus Xorg events versus the non-existence of FreeBSD
> user-mode events is what confused things?
I think you confuse something here. We never talked about Xorg events here.

And something similar to the Linux events (as in evdev) do exist in FreeBSD, 
it's just no 1:1 mapping. And even if they didn't; what's your point? That 
the evdev driver should not exist then, just because other platforms don't 
provide such an interface?

- Sascha
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