Xdmx on ubuntu intrepid ibex seg faults

Amit Deshwar amit.deshwar at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 00:37:02 PDT 2008


I'm trying to run xdmx on my computer.  As a first step I'm trying to get
xdmx to run on a single computer.  I do the following:
1. Stop all running x sessions.
2. Open a naked x session by running "X :0 -ac &"
3. Run xdmx with "xdmx :1 -display "" -noglxproxy -norender"
Then I get a bunch of output (pastebin here:  http://pastebin.com/m2a6ebaf8)
and my screen flickers.  Then xdmx segfaults (content of dmesg:
"[49118.918809] Xdmx[18640]: segfault at 0 ip 000000000043e51a sp
00007fff793f0a90 error 6 in Xdmx[400000+195000]")

Does anyone know what the problem could be / how I could fix it?

Relevant info:
OS: Intrepid Ibex alpha 6
Video card: EVGA 9800 GT
Kernel version: Linux 2.6.27-3-generic #1 SMP
xorg-server version: 1.5
dmx version: 1.2.20070424


Amit Deshwar
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