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Fri Sep 19 07:09:31 PDT 2008


The C3SL multiseat team is proud to announce the release of "mdm" and of our
multiseat wiki.

MDM stands for "multiseat display manager". Despite its name, mdm is actually a
wrapper on the real display manager. It is used to configure multiseat
environments, allowing users to change a normal machine into a multiseat machine
by just installing a package. No complicated how-tos.

MDM's goal is to be generic enough to support any kind of multiseat environment:
nested xservers under gdm, kdm, xdmcp, vnc, multiple instances of X servers
or any other possible environment. It is still under development, so the only
modes available are Xephyr over XDMCP and Xephyr over GDM. To adapt it to new
environments, you only need to write a small bash script following a simple

If the video card support xrandr 1.2, mdm opens one session per card output, so
if you have any modern video card (which probably contains more than one
output and crtc), all you have to do is to connect a monitor, a keyboard and a
mouse and install mdm.

To install mdm, you can use our git repositories, our packages for Debian Lenny
and Ubuntu 8.04 or you can try our Live-CD without changing your machine.

MDM is open source and there are still a lot of improvements to be
done on it, so we'll really enjoy if you can somehow contribute with it.

We are also releasing our multiseat wiki. Its goal is to gather as much
information about multiseat as possible. Please feel free to edit it =)


More information about mdm:

Installing mdm:


MDM's git repository:;a=summary

Paulo R. Zanoni

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