synaptics: touchpad with 1 buton, emulate middle and right click

Mildred Ki'Lya ml.mildred593 at
Wed Sep 17 15:18:17 PDT 2008

Le Wed 17/09/2008 __ 08:11 Peter Hutterer __ __crit:
> Thanks! The patch had been applied as
> c32b4d47b94c2c18fab7f30588ddae8827e38f27 in the xf86-input-synaptics
> repository and is already part of the 0.15.0 release.

Well, thanks (i won't need to patch synaptics next time).
I wouldn't think it would be that quick to integrate :)

By the way, i don't know what's the current situation with licences. If
synaptics is still GPL or has moved to the Xorg licence. In any way,
what I wrote is in the public domain (the patch is so tiny that I
wonder if it matters, but I prefer be sure)


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