Raw mouse input is distorted

Simon Thum simon.thum at gmx.de
Wed Sep 17 12:26:08 PDT 2008

Søren Hauberg wrote:
> 2008/9/17 Simon Thum <simon.thum at gmx.de>:
>> Yeah, it does some fancy things for relative devices. Technically, you don't
>> have one, but you should be able to suppress it with
>>> xset 1 1
crap. I meant

 > xset m 1 1

> the kernel. But I'm a bit confused about one thing: the kernel driver
> marks its output as EV_ABS (I assume that means an absolute position).
> So, why would X consider the device to be relative? Does it convert
> everything into relative positions?
Maybe evdev works better? I seems there is a problem when both absolute 
AND relative axes are exposed, but since you seems to have some control 
over the kernel module, you could simply suppress those. That should be 
enough get X recognize it as absolute.

I cc'ed the list so better ideas may emerge.

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