VESA, Xinerama and multiple graphics cards

Tino Keitel tino.keitel+xorg at
Wed Sep 17 07:40:58 PDT 2008

Hi folks,

I try to get multihead working with one large desktop, and can't use
RandR because I use 2 graphics cards (intel, trident) and only one of
the drivers supports RandR 1.2. This is the intel driver, and it
crashes with Xinerama.

So I tried to use VESA for the Intel card. First used 2 device, screen
and monitor sections in the xorg.conf, and a server layout to arrange
the screens. As a result, I had both screens working, and was able to
open windows on both screens. However, I can not move windows between
both screens.

Then I enabled Xinerama, which resulted in one large desktop. I was
able to open a window and move it between both screens.

But...I don't see anything on the screen driven by the VESA driver,
just some memory garbage. The other screen is fine. There are no
messages in the log that indicate any problems.

Should this setup work at all? If yes, is this a known bug? If it's not
known, what should I do to debug this further or even fix the VESA

I use the vesa driver version 2.0, and xserver 1.4.2.


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