No LoaderPrintSymbol in newer version Xorg-Server?

walter harms wharms at
Wed Sep 17 00:25:38 PDT 2008

lu zhihe schrieb:
> What I mean is: when you catch some SEGV bug, if the func. is static, and
> was in module .so file, how can you catch it now? In older version we had
> LoaderPrintSymbol() to find the SEGV  caused func.

if the segv is inside the .so you need to build the .so with -g (and remove -Ox).
when you debug you should build always with -g. size explodes but it helps to debug
with gdb.


> 2008/9/16 Adam Jackson <ajax at>
>> On Tue, 2008-09-16 at 17:41 +0800, lu zhihe wrote:
>>> Dear all:
>>>            There is no LoaderPrintSymbol function in Xorg-Server >=
>>> 1.1.0, so if you meet segmentation fault, and use gdb to debug;
>>> while, meet the  following result: 0x08086000  ??()
>>>            How can you deal with it now?
>> Build the X server with debugging information.  See the -g option to
>> gcc.
>> - ajax
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