Implementing RandR

George Wright gwright at
Tue Sep 16 08:14:16 PDT 2008


I'm currently working on implementing RandR support in the Xvnc server along 
with an extension protocol for the client to request that Xvnc changes its 
framebuffer size on demand.

I seem to have most things working, and Xvnc can resize itself without any 
trouble. Running RandR-aware applications inside Xvnc even adjust themselves 
properly when the screen resolution is changed.

However, the xrandr command still reports the old screen resolution after the 
change, but the new resolution is present on the list of available ones.

So for example, if I start Xvnc with a 1600x1200 framebuffer, then resize it 
to 1280x960, it resizes fine, and apps inside it adjust themselves properly. 
xrandr before the adjust shows only 1600x1200 as the available screen 
geometry, and afterwards shows 1280x960 as a possibility. However, it still 
lists 1600x1200 as the "current" screen resolution.

Is there any way of fixing this?



George Wright,
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