Some question about Xrender and EXA

John Tapsell johnflux at
Tue Sep 16 03:20:52 PDT 2008

2008/9/16 Alexei Babich <a.babich at>:
>>   but it
>> sounds like you want to improve the software-rendering speed.
>>   If so, it is pixman that you want to profile and improve.  EXA just
>> calls on pixman to do the rendering.
> I want to improve rendering speed AND compositing speed too.
> If software rendering for ARM920 cannot be optimized, I want to try implement rendering in hardware (FPGA).
> So, I need more info about it (rendering, composition, EXA-compatible modules an so on). I trying to step-by-step debugging xserver for investigation about function call tree, but using dlopen() and macro-substitution in xserver slows it.

Okay sounds good.  Have a look at optimizing pixman in software for
ARM, and then have a look at write an accelerated EXA driver for xorg
for the FPGA.

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