Q about fastest display methode

Aleksandar Lazic al-xorg at none.at
Tue Sep 16 02:07:28 PDT 2008


On Mon 15.09.2008 21:00, William Tracy wrote:
>On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 2:05 PM, Aleksandar Lazic <al-xorg at none.at> wrote:
>> I want to display some different Image- and Videoformats on different x
>> windows provided Linux distributions (Redhat Linux, SuSe Linux, gentoo
>> Linux, ...)
>Cool. Linux cannot have too many video players. :-)

I don't plan to write a player but similar application ;-).

I want to display some IP-Camera streams which comes in MJPEG, MPEG-4,
H.264, MxPEG, ...

>> I have thought about qt, gtk, wxwidgets, sdl and a lot of some
>> others, but I'am not sure which one is the 'best'.

[snipped good explanation]

>> Please try to answer from objective point of view ;-)
>I tried. :-)


>> I'am relatively new to the X-Window environment and happy for any
>> help ;-)
>You will probably want to use an existing widget set for the controls
>(play and pause buttons, for example). Since you asked, I'll suggest
>either wxWidgets or FLTK.
>You will probably want to use something lower-level for the actual
>video playback; there are other people on this list who can give much
>better advice there.

Ok, many thanks you help me a lot.



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