Some question about Xrender and EXA

Alexei Babich a.babich at
Sun Sep 14 21:01:45 PDT 2008

Hello, all.

I have cross-compiled for the platform arm920-linux x-server.
On the platform ARM920 (not equipped FPU), certain operations (I think related to the antialiased-operation: Porter-Duff operator, and so on), working slowly. For example, a utility cairo-perf, running on a dedicated powerful computer connected to the target platform through the network, shows a very slow operation.
I will consider using own hardware implementation of 2D acceleration and writing xf86-video-* module according to the documentation on EXA-subsystem.
Is that Xrender can use subsystem EXA to accelerate the work?
What functions() can I profile in the process of software emulation EXA (for example, I want to make a module, which implements EXA in software) to find out the bottlenecks in performance?

Thank you.
Alexei Babich, circuit engineer, OOO NPP "Rezonans", Chelyabinsk, Russia
Jabber ID: impatt at

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